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Mini-Tumbler Multi-Washer


Similar to the Tumbler II, the Mini-Tumbler is an economical multi-washer capable of handling a variety of loads, only at a smaller scale when compared to the Tumbler II. Simply load washable items, latch the doors, apply water, and start the engine.




This washer system is the latest development in poultry equipment maintenance. Simply load nest pads, feed trays, pans, buckets, etc. in the machine, latch the doors, apply water, and start the engine. It is just that simple!

With the Tumbler, you can reduce your washing time to hours instead of days. Pre-soaking is an option and is not required in most cases. Clean and disinfect in one operation.

Major Components —

Powered by 1.5 HP electrical or optional gasoline engine.
Available skid mounted or trailer mounted.
Size 50 sprocket and drive chain.
Heavy duty gear box.
Heavy duty trailer with 13″ wheels and tires.
Dayton Booster Pump.
11 ga. steel drum.
Swing away safety shield.
On board wash-down hose.
Electrical booster pump to increase water pressure in tank.
Injector for detergents, disinfectants, etc. lets one add detergent or disinfectant without stopping machine.
Set up time less than 5 minutes.
Average wash cycle 15 minutes for feed trays and pans, 60 minutes for nest pads.
Capacity is 40 feed trays and pans, 15 saddle blankets, or up to 250 nest pads per load.
Easy lift door.

Note: Do not overload machine; items must have room to tumble.