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Slat Genie


JPS Fabrications LLC introduces a new way of moving your slats. Introducing the “Slat Genie”, a new design which turns your tractor into a slat moving machine! This slat mover is a spin off of the Slat Master but now makes moving those slats a one person job using your standard tractor instead of a skid steer.




Slat Genie is built heavy duty and will provide years of trouble free use. It’s main boom is a 4″ square tube which is connected to a heavy duty hydraulic actuator that provides 180 degree left/right rotation. This allows you to drive your tractor down the center of the house and pick up slats on either side. Deosn’t get much easier than that. the hydraulic pole will also telescope 24″ in and out making it much easier to maneuver the pincher or spreader blades. This allows you the optimal position to move your slats to your desired place once grasped. The hydraulic functions are controlled by a hydraulic selector valve on the Slat Genie. This requires only one hydraulic circuit for operation. A 12 vdc selector switch controls the function straight from the operator’s seat which allows them to easily toggle between all the functions of the Slat Genie.

Slat Genie comes ready to move any type of slat you might have. You can choose from an Articulating or Fixed Head with Pincher or Spreader Blades.

Need help figuring out which one might work best for you? Please feel free to contact us for more details. We are here to help you make moving your slats a breeze with the new Slat Genie.

Total weight 825 lbs.